Island & Cruise Adventure Inc

Ken Jones (Vice President / Owner)

Yasuko Jones (President / Owner)

Fan fact:  When trying to come up with a name for this newly retrofitted boat and her maiden voyage, Mike pulled inspiration from the 1976 western film "The Quest" as well as the popular TV Series "SeaHunt".

1981: Island Adventure was founded by Mike Jones as a local dive tour operator based in Manila and Batangas Philippines.​

Jun-1991: Mt. Pinatubo (a volcano) erupted and caused wide spread devastation to the people of the Philippines. This pushed the Jones family to America to rebuild all that was lost.

Jan-1999: Island & Cruise Adventure Inc. was founded by Mike Jones as a Global dive travel operator based in Southern CA.

Jun-2003: The business is continued by Mike's wife Yasuko Jones as President, and son Ken Jones as Vice President.​

Jan-2019: Island & Cruise Adventure celebrates 20 years in business in America, and 45 years in business globally.​

Specializing in Unique Scuba Travel Experiences since 1999

photo by: ken jones

As your personal travel planners, we help you choose the right trip for the experience of a lifetime. Then we handle all of the details, leaving you time to relax and enjoy your adventure. In addition, we guide you in choosing destinations and accommodations that will best suit your needs. This personalized service will ensure your journey is an enjoyable experience from the moment you book your trip to the moment you return.

Company History:

1974: A 102ft fishing boat was purchased by Mike Jones in the Philippines to pursue a dream.

1975: Mike discovers a passion for Scuba and realizes that commercial fishing was not the dream job he had imagined.

1976: Plans were drawn, decisions were made and a retro-fit went underway.  Fishing equipment was removed, 6 air-conditioned cabins were added to the top deck. 12 guests were invited to set off on a wild adventure.  

This fishing boat turned expedition vessel known as the SeaQuest, became the 1st long range liveaboard in the Philippines. SeaQuest is a name that still resonates around South East Asia today as an iconic vessel that many names in the industry owe sparking their passion for the ocean.

Mike Jones (Founder) 

In memory of Mike (4/27/1949 - 6/22/2003)