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Loreto (Baja Sur, Mexico)

Dip your fins into Loreto, Mexico and it will satisfy diving appetites seeking big animal encounters with mobula rays, angel sharks, and giant electric rays as well as a photographer’s passion to capture unique macro critters with a wide variety of nudibranchs. This charming undiscovered Baja Sur town offers up some big time diving with a small town feel.

In addition to diving, there are many topside activities to feel comfortable bringing your non-diving friends along for the ride too as this area is full of history and culture. This region offers cave paintings and mission trails for history buffs wishing to explore the local mountainous region while you are out soaking up the Sea of Cortez.

Loreto, Mexico is easily reached by non-stop flights from Los Angeles, Phoenix and Dallas. See for yourself why Mexico received First Place in Big Animal Diving in the Pacific & Indian Ocean Region for Scuba Diving Magazine’s 2021 Readers Choice Awards.

photo by: Rafael v