​4 nights (5 days diving - 3 diving days)

**Please contact us for pricing as rates change depending on season, arrival dates, currency exchange and number of divers**


Hotel Accommodations

3 meals / day

3 dives / day

Transfers to/from Yonaguni Airport to Hotel

Marine sanctuary fees
Equipment rental

Additional: extended itineraries to Naha and/or Ishigaki are also Available 

Island & Cruise Adventure Inc

Yonaguni ISLAND - Okinawa, Japan

Yonaguni is a small island located in the south western most point of Japan. Known for its schools of hammerhead sharks during the winter months as  well as its mysterious Underwater Ruins discovered by Kihachiro Aratake.  The waters of Yonaguni are said to be amongst the clearest in the world.

Sample Itinerary:
4 nights (5 days diving - 3 diving days)
(Min Group of 6 divers)

Day 1 - Arrival
Day 2 - 3 dives
Day 3 - 3 dives
Day 4 - 3 dives
Day 5 - Departure