Yakushima Island (World Heritage) is known for it's moss Forests and it's wildlife.

In the northwest if the island is Nagata Inaka-hama, a beach with seasonal loggerhead turtle nesting grounds. The central Mt. Miyanoura is marked by the Arakawa trail and the ancient Jōmon Sugi tree. In the east, Yakusugi Museum has exhibits about the region’s cedar forests. The western shore is home to towering Ōko-no-taki waterfall.

Yakushima is  also the location of where the famed 1997 anime movie Princess Mononoke was based.

Sample Itinerary:
Day1  Fly Tokyo/Hanedato Kagoshima, change plane to Yakushima
Day2  Diving
Day3  Diving
Day4  Diving
Day5  Ecotour–hiking
Day6  Fly back to Tokyo via Kagoshima


​5 nights (3 diving days)

​Rate is depending on the season and size of the group

**Please contact us for pricing as rates change depending on season, arrival dates, currency exchange and number of divers**


Hotel Accommodations

3 meals / day

3 dives / day

Marine sanctuary fees
Equipment rental

Yakushima ISLAND (World Heritage) - Kagoshima, Japan

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